Who is Naya Rivera?

Naya Rivera



Naya Rivera is known for her role as cheerleader Santana Lopez in the musical television series Glee. She was born Naya Marie Rivera on January 12, 1987 in Valencia, California, USA. Despite her being born and raised in California, Naya has natural Latina looks because of her ethnicity. She is ½ Puerto Rican, ¼ African American and ¼ German. She is known for her defined cheekbones and her beautiful lips and eyes; she is also blessed with a youthful glow that enabled her to take on younger roles like her high school girl role in Glee.

Other than being praised for her singing and performing abilities, Naya is also worshiped for her natural and fresh look. Her weekly role as Santana in Glee is evidence that she looks very natural and she could even go by without makeup. Every girl dreamt of being in her shoes since she looked very beautiful and adorable wearing her different costumes for Glee and one of the most favorite of all is her cheerleading outfit that she would wear in almost every episode. This outfit not just showed her Latina features but also her flawless and toned legs and well-maintained physique.

But Naya Rivera is not free from any rumors and scandals. Even when she announced that she and rapper Sean Michael Anderson is getting hitched there were still rumors that she had numerous plastic surgeries done on her face and body just to make her look more mature for better and more larger roles on TV and on the big screen.

One such rumor was that she had her nose done. Comparing her pictures when she first started in Glee, Naya actually had a rounder nose before and had a wider nose bridge. Looking at her pictures today she has a slender nose bridge and a pointed end. This gave her face a more mature look. Another change that most fans have noticed is that her cheekbones are gone! He face looks thinner and her cheeks not so prominent giving away hints that she has probably had facial surgery to minimize her trademark cheekbones.

When you have seen Naya Rivera in Glee way back in 2009 you may say that she is already a stunning and sexy actress but you would never take a second look at her breasts. Now, she has firmer, rounder and larger breasts that made fans and non-fans speculate that she may have had a boob job done. But apart from this rumor, she absolutely credits her toned and perfect body to exercise. She was interviewed by Fitness Magazine in 2010 and she said that she does a lot of squats to tone her legs, crunches and planks for her abs and she ate a lot of healthy foods like guacamole and hummus to keep her fit even for snacks.

Naya has recently reinvented herself with light brown hair and everyone loved it. She looked ravishing but at the same time more mature and ready for better and more challenging roles as an actress and pretty soon the role of a wife.

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