Why Buy Auto Insurance?

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If you are in an auto accident and you are at fault, you could be held liable (legally responsible) for bodily injury or property damage resulting from that accident.  If a lawsuit is brought by the injured party, a court could order that your assets be used to pay for the resulting damages that are awarded.  Even for an accident where you were not at fault or were only partially at fault, the costs of defending yourself against a legal action could be very high.
What if you are involved in an auto accident where the other party is at fault, but they have no money, no insurance, or inadequate insurance and you are injured? Even regarding an accident where you are not at fault you could incur substantial medical and other costs. In New Hampshire, Auto Insurance Policies provide coverage that would respond to such situations.
And don’t forget the damage to your own auto as well. You will need to repair your auto in the event of an accident or other type of property damage loss. This will be paid by you unless you have the proper coverage available under Auto Insurance.

New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Laws do not require you to carry  Auto Insurance, but you must be able to demonstrate that you are able to provide sufficient funds to meet New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Requirements in the event of an “at-fault” accident. If you are unable to meet these requirements your driving privileges in New Hampshire may be suspended. For more information on financial responsibility requirements you can refer to New Hampshire Statute RSA 264 or contact the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles at 603-271-3101 or www.nh.gov/safety/dmv.

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