Windshield Replacement Cost


Calculating Windshield Replacement Cost

The cost of repairing a windshield depends on numerous factors. The type of repair you want, extent of damage and the company of your choice are just a few among them. While some may cost you just tens of dollars, others may end up exacting hundreds from your pocket. If you are someone with a tight budget, going for a repair is the best thing to do.

Inspect the windshield at regular intervals and take note of the damage. In the instance it is beyond any restoration, you are left with no choice, but to calculate windshield replacement cost.

The current scenario

Windshield is a curved glass cover to protect the driver and the passengers of a vehicle from fatal accidents. For this reason, a majority of drivers consider it safer to replace the part than to repair the same when it gets damaged.  However, budget is a concern that vehicle owners have to address here. Surveys show that replacing the windshield may cost up to $500 if the part is not easily available in the market. If you are willing to compromise slightly, you can go for the replica of the part you want to replace. Going for OEM (Original Equipment Glass) may prove to be a strain you would not want to undertake.

Minimizing windshield replacement cost

Having to wait for the service person to arrive to repair a slight damaged for the windshield for your vehicle may appear daunting. Here are some tips to help you save big here.

  1. Try to avoid it

The information that most of the cracks and damages to your auto glass can be repaired may appear surprising for an average driver. But, this is the truth. When you notice a crack on the glass, ask an expert to check the same. If it can be repaired, your wallet will definitely thank you; you will save hundreds.

  1. Do your own research

Don’t go for the company insurance providers recommend. They are sure to make you spend hundreds of dollars for the purpose. Type the query on Google or any other popular search engine. Shortlist a few websites and compare the quotes they offer. Contact a few you find budget-friendly and choose the one that best fits into your requirements.

  1. Contact your insurance agent

If you have a comprehensive coverage, your insurance policy may take care of the cost of replacing your auto glass. Discuss your requirement with an agent. The expert may help you get the most from your policy in this regard. However, if your deductible is quite high, it may not be as helpful as you expect. For instance, if your deductible is $500 for windshield replacement, you are sure to bear the entire cost from your own wallet. Think twice before taking a final decision.

Maintain your vehicle properly and avoid crashes or other accidents. And, when the auto glass gets damaged, get it replaced if it is a serious one. Windshield replacement cost is definitely much lower than the compensation you will have to pay for a crash victim.

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